Sunday, January 4, 2009

Inhome Daycare Vs Center Daycare

Having a child is a wonderful gift; trying to find the right childcare can be nerve-wrecking. There are questions one may need to ask before finding the care for their children.
-Does it fit our budget?
-What is the programs philosophy or mission?
-What is the curriculum like, Is it age appropiate?
-Are the teachers and staff fully qualified, credentialed?
-What are the hours?
-What are the child to staff ratios?
-What is the sick policy?
-Special diets, allergies policies?
-What is the behavior policy, biting etc?
-Are the caretakers licensed? Or accredited through a national organization?

In-home Daycare might be the right fit for many families. When it comes to tuition, its generally affordable. No need to spend funds on advertisments. If one family has a great experience-then the word travels fast; and lower overhead on the business. Since many generally operate from their own home; they have lover overheads and the monthly rate is affordable for many families. The ratios between teacher and child are also smaller. Some families enjoy the personnal connection between the caretaker and their child. Or if the caretaker speaks the native language of the family; that can be a plus. In most cases, the caretaker has been in the business for years and knows about children's development. Is able to work more one on one with that child. When it comes to behavior problems, a meeting is set up; if the behavior doesn't improve then the child is dropped from the program. It's a very simple and fast plan.

Center Daycare might be the right care for many people. Many daycare centers ask for a registration fee, first months and last months tuition. They tend to have a higher overhead due to leasing the building and also paying the water, light and housekeeping of the building. Since many centers advertise-their monthly tuition rates are higher depending on the locations. They can generally squeeze about 24 two year old's into one classroom and have three teachers working with them. Their behavior policies might be different, in most cases they follow a plan-which can go on for about three to four weeks.

These are just some basic guidelines one must keep in mind before choosing the right care for their children. Everybody has different expectations and opinions; the best advice is;" Always tour the center and schedule several visits before enrolling your child"!

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