Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Early Childhood Education-"The art of creating fruit baskets in childcare"

Looking for ideas on flower arranging with your children? Why not incorporate a math or science lesson with fruit? Creating this
eye-catching edible centerpiece is a great activity to do with your children in Early Childhood Education; Childcare.

Using cookie cutters and a melon ballers to sculpt cantaloupe,mango, bananas, honeydew, and watermelon into fun shapes, then thread the melon pieces onto wooden skewers along with berries and grapes.

By sticking the skewers into a base made from the rind of an overturned melon. Hide the melon base inside a basket. For a finishing touch, add stems of basil or mint speared on skewers to provide the perfect hint of scent. What a great way to incorporate sensory along with the beautiful smells of the fresh fruit.

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