Monday, March 16, 2009

Fine motor Activities

Fine motor skills can be defined as small muscle movements: those that occur in the finger, in coordination with the eyes. Teaching fine motor skills is similar to teaching other skills because the caregiver needs to be patient and understanding. Fine motor skills is a skill that isn't going to develop over-night, but it takes time and practice.
Examples include:

By providing children scissors, can be a perfect way to get started. One can purchase the scissors from Target, Lakeshore, Back to school supply or even an educational store.
Examples include:
  1. A fringe from a piece of paper.Examples: magazines, newspapers
  2. Cut off corners of a piece of paper
  3. Cut along curved lines
  4. Cut lines with a variety of angles
  5. Cut figures with curves and angles
  6. Cut clay with blunt scissors
An activity for Childcare; Parents, Caregivers: While making dinner, provide your child with scissors, magazines,newspapers so they can work on their fine motor skills. Or even playdough along with cookie cutters, rollers.