Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Potty training

Potty training is a major milestone for many children and families. It can be exciting for the children; knowing that they will be wearing underwear with well known cartoon characters like; Dora the explorer, Go Diego Go, Thomas the Train or even Princesses. Wearing these undies is exciting for them and by these inspirations-they can be easily potty trained.
Then you have the children that are not motivated and are too comfortable. Many parents blame the children by stating that they are not ready or simply,"lazy". In most cases, it's not the child-it's the parent that doesn't have the motivation or does not want to spend the extra time.
Potty training is a new skill; with time and patience it can work. There are many books and videos that one can purchase. Or even tons of potty chairs, covers etc that are on the market; it can be expensive.
By starting the process at home, you can prepare your child; what is to come: Every time mom/dad/caregiver/childcare use the restroom; there should be an open door policy. Where the child should be able to observe. Also, by taking them to the department store and giving them the opportunity to pick out their own underwear. Making them apart of the process and feel important.

Here are some basic tips that have proven to work at home:
1. Pick a weekend; where you will stay home (mom/dad/caregiver needs to work together and support each other).
2. Remove all clothing from your child, except socks and shirt.
3. Every twenty minutes take your child into the restroom, sitting them on the toilet. (Caregiver turns faucet on-water running; triggers sensation to urinate, and read a book to distract the child)
4. Phase out diapers and introduce pull-ups, where children are able to pull down and up easily when using the restroom.
5. With time-start putting the underwear over the pull-up so child sees the undies...Slowly phase out the pull-up.

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