Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Early Childhood Education-"Benefits of Story-Time in Childcare"

Story time? Is my child old enough? Will my child sit through it? Well-the answer is yes. Story-time is a time and place where one could bring their children to hear stories, through conversations and music, books and flannel stories. As a preschool teacher all of this can and should be done at your center/ location. As a daycare provider; caregiver or parent; one can go to their local library and participate. The story times are offered by age group and are catered for children of that age range. The best way to get involved is by going on the Internet and google story time/library. Story time at the local library lasts twenty minutes and is followed by play. Where the Liberian brings out toys, puzzles for the children and parents to participate. The purpose is to encourage social interacion between the children and caregivers.

Benefits of Storytime

  • integrates visual (pictures and words) with auditory (spoken words) to facilitate language learning
  • provides opportunities for turn taking
  • increases listening and attending skills
  • encourages early literacy skills and phonological awareness

"Children not only learn word meanings from listening to adults read to them, but through conversations with them. During these exchanges, children will often hear adults repeat words several times. They may also hear new and interesting words that stick out to them. The more oral language experiences children have, the more word meanings they learn."

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