Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Childhood Education-"Halloween Crafts"

Halloween is around the corner, this is a great activity to make with your children at preschool, daycare. You can incorporate sensory, math and science concepts into this lesson.

Materials Needed:

  • Exam gloves
  • Loose cotton
  • Black Marker
  • Tree branches, twigs
  • Tombstone shaped cookies
  • clear plastic cups
  • Glue gun


Have your children fill a glove with cotton, the fingers, thumb and half of the hand. Tie a knot on the open end. Have the children draw faces on the finger tips, using a black marker.

Caretaker/Teacher: Hot glue the tree branches to the inside bottom and side of the plastic cup. Hot glue the ghosties to the inside base of the plastic cup using the knot as the touch point for the glue. Add some cotton in front and in back of the glove so that it spills over the edge, creating a fog image.

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