Monday, April 5, 2010

Early Childhood Education-"Encouraging children to "learn about soil, seeds and have fun"

Children enjoy the outdoors. And when it comes to being in the garden; this makes them happy. Providing children with tools for the garden can be exciting; where they can scoop soil and pour water on plants. This encourages children to share and communicate with each other, even teaches life skills. Touching the basil and smelling it can be very therapeutic for them. Tasting it-can be a very fun activity. Even watching the bees fly and transfer pollen from flower to flower. Or having the opportunity to "learn by doing" by planting the seeds into the soil and watching them grow.
There are many activities that can be created in the garden or in the classroom at daycare or preschool. Getting started is easy, the materials needed are:
cup, soil, water and seeds of your choice. Once the plant grows-it can be transferred to the garden or taken home to plant.
For an art activity: Nature walk followed by a seed, leaf and flower collage.

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