Thursday, May 20, 2010

Early Childhood Education-"Encouraging children to work together and make Bubbles"

are a great sensory activity and also create an environment where children can come together. Run, Jump and laugh are several gross motor activities that children experience. It's also a great opportunity to bring children together and interact with one another. Preschool, daycare, birthday party's or at the local park is where one can experience children blowing or popping them. Below is a chart of different ways that one can make bubbles.

Basic Bubbles

2 tblsp dish soap
1 cup water

Sweet Bubbles

1 tblsp corn syrup
2 tblsp dish soap
1 cup water

Magic Bubbles

1 tblsp glycerin
2 tblsp dish soap
9 oz water

Color Bubbles

1 cup liquid tempra paints
2 tblsp dish detergent
1 tblsp liquid starch

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