Thursday, November 17, 2011

Early Childhood Education, "Making Potstickers with your children"

Looking for some fun children's cooking projects to do during the holidays with your children?  Gyoza or Potsickers are fun to do with your children.  Its also a great way to encourage your little ones to eat there vegetables!  They are very easy to make and a perfect way to encourage your little ones to use there fine motor skills and also share and take turns.

Materials needed:
-wonton dough sheets that can be found at your local grocery store produce section.
-chopped bok choy or green cabbage,carrots,celery,onion,garlic
-deep fryer, oil
-optional grounded:chicken, sausage,turkey
-potsticker mold via amazon
-salt, pepper
-bowl with water

1.  Combine the grounded meat, chopped vegetables, salt, pepper together.
2.  Add a teaspoon of the filling to a wonton sheet, with your finger -dab in water and coat the edges of the wonton sheet with water.
3.   Bring the two handles together of the mold.
4.  Add to deep fryer and cook for three minutes.
5.  Remove and lay on paper towels to dry and cool.
6.  Serve with soy sauce or any sauce.

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