Thursday, May 23, 2013

Early Childhood Education-the importance of reading to your children.....


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early Childhood Education-"Benefits of reading to your children in Childcare"

Research has proven again and again that reading for twenty minutes to a child is very important for there development. Children may not be looking at you directly, but there brains are like sponges; they soak everything in. Weather your a childcare/ daycare provider, nanny or parent; reading to children teaches them about words and opens there depth of vocabulary and knowledge. They are able to use their imagination and expand in there little mind.

"While a country receives a good return on investment in education at all levels from nursery school and kindergarten through college, the research reveals that the returns are highest from the early years of schooling when children are first learning to read. . . . The early years set the stage for later learning. Without the ability to read, excellence in high school and beyond is unattainable."
Read more at National Children's Reading Foundation.

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