Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Early Childhood Education"Making tortillas in preschool"

  Children enjoy art activities.  They are not afraid to touch paint, flower or other sensory items.  They enjoy getting there hands wet and lending a hand.  Participating in making tortillas can be a great life skill.  By learning how much flour to mix with water, is a great math lesson.  Where they can learn about numbers and measuring using measuring cups.  They can use their senses to smell the flour as they mix it.  Using their fine motor skills, they are forming the dough into balls.  Where they are encouraged to use the tortilla maker to flatten and form the tortilla.  The formed tortilla is then transferred to a comal over the  stovetop where one can assist in warming the tortilla.  This activity also encourages table conversation.  Where children are able to communicate and create a bond while learning a life skill.
Materials needed: Tortilla flour, water,  measuring cups, comal,  two zip-lock bags(circles cut to keep dough from sticking)


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